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We also appraise Civil War antiques and buy Civil War antiques. If you have any Civil War items you would like help with Contact Us! (239) 489-2211. The Civil War Book Shop - My name is Michael Wise, and I am the proprietor of The Civil War Book Shop. I have been a Civil Wa - The Civil War Book Shop - Sunbury - United States - Bookstore specializing in American Civil War, Business, Cooking, Human Interest, Other Non-Fiction, Quilting, Religion/Spirituality, World War II & Other Wars. The Civil War Mall - A Shopping Site for Civil War Books, Maps, Swords, Autographs, Ephemera and Other Collectibles! A Shopping Mall for Civil War Collectors and Dealers offering Civil War books, civil war ephemera, civil war artifacts, civil war photographs, civil war. American Civil War 1861-1865. American Civil War 1861-1865Click on images below for more information. Read more. Civil. Mar 26, 2021 · Pre-Civil War to Early Civil War Officers’ Hardee Hat Embroidered Insignia Ben Greenbaum March 17, 2021 March 17, 2021 Historically Important and Rare Outdoor Albumen of U.S. Medical Corps Officers at Fort Burnham (Ft. Harrison). We provide best Civil War gifts and souvenirs for museums, attractions, battlefields, gifts shops and more. We' sell both Confederate and Union products. This site specializes in Confederate memorabilia. Call us today at 800-325-0889 to get your souvenirs and gifts today! We carry Confederate items because it is part of American history.. U.S. Civil War Tin Type of Solider in case. Case in good condition with one small chip on edge. Size of picture is about 2 3/4" X 3 1/4".

Packed away I found dug Gettysburg Civil War US Buckles, Canteens, US Cartridge box plates, a 12 lb. cannonball and a rare Model 1842 Springfield Musket dated 1851 from Harpers Ferry - Confederate that I will be listing once I catch up on relics I have sold through private transactions.. A major relic of photographic history, this camera was owned by Mathew Brady during his years as the leading figure in American photography. Brady was the preeminent American portrait photographer of his day. He gained his greatest fame with his studio’s documentation of the events and figures of the Civil War.. The US Bummer (forage cap) is taller than the kepi and the crown drapes forward. The cap has a heavy leather brim, functional chin strap with brass side buttons and center buckle, leather sweat band, and is lined. The US Bummer (forage cap) is navy blue wool. IMPORTED. The US Bummer "McDowel" Brim is taller than the kepi and the crown drapes. Civil War is the first Chapter Expansion for Elder Scrolls: A call to Arms. It includes cards for Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers, plus additional adventurers and Adversaries such as Draugr and Skeletons. Additional Battle Mode and Delve Quests, Traps and Events expand the narrative adventure game.. Civil War Artillery Pieces such as Field Carriages with Parrott rifles,6-Pdr. Cannon, Howitzers, and 3" Ordnance Rifles are available at approximately 25% full-size. Also Dictator Mortars, welded stacks of cannon balls and full-size replicas of grape-shot, etc.. Some of North Carolina’s best known Civil War personalities participated in the Battle of New Bern including Confederate officers Lawrence O’B. Branch, Robert F. Hoke, and Zebulon B. Vance. From New Bern, Union troops followed the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad southeast, capturing Havelock, Carolina City, and Morehead City.. American Civil War Winter Hut No.2--four pieces W. Britain Item Number: 51040 $115.00 18th/19th Century American Farm Outbuilding Set #1--Outhouse, Dairy, Smokehouse, & Dovecote W. Britain. reproduction american civil war union 1851 cartridge box with straps Price: $75.00 REPRODUCTION AMERICAN CIVIL WAR UNION 1851 EQUIPMENT BELT WITH LEAD FILLED BUCKLE.

The American Civil War, also known as the "War Between the States" was fought from 1861 to 1865 between 20 free states of the North and West against 11 slave states of the South that seceded from the Union. 4 border states did not secede but had slavery and provided troops to both sides.. American. Nov 04, 2020 · When the Civil War started, the CSS Virginia was the USS Merrimack, which was once the jewel in the United States Navy. The Union would surely have loved to have the ship, but it was in Norfolk Naval Yard at the war’s outset, and thus fell into Confederate hands.. We supply reproduction tents & supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage. Military Tents 1750-1865. For re-enactors of the French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, American Civil War and others we make a full line of military tents, and offer them in 4 canvasses.. The Civil War was the first major war captured in photographs. The US and the World were not prepared for many of the images that showed the carnage from the war. The war was no longer just a far off event - through photographs it was brought directly to the nation. This site is dedicated to the participants in the American Civil War - clearly .... is owned by Strickland Enterprises, Inc. We are a family owned & operated company serving local folks & visitors in Gettysburg, PA since 1970. • Text Set Implement Letter Gr 5 Civil War Text Sets build proficient readers of informational text as students read deeply and widely on an array of science and social studies topics. Teachers will love the 'hands on' material and feel confident about how to integrate the Common Core State Standards into their reading instruction.. Buy Now » American Civil War Patriotic Unused Folded Letter Stationery ‘Old Blowregard” Details » Buy Now for $85.00 » Buy: $85.00 Ships: $1.99: $86.99.

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